High Risk Merchant Account:
  Outbound Telemarketing

Accepting credit cards for outbound telemarketing is considered a high risk venture by processing companies due to the high percentage of chargebacks coupled with the card and customer "not present" nature of the industry.

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Outbound Telemarketing Merchant Account

Outbound telemarketing is a very high risk industry for credit card processors. Customers are often not fully aware of what product and what company they are purchasing from at the time of the call, leading to later chargebacks and disputes.

Despite the high chargeback percentage, HighRiskAccount.com can still help telemarketers sign up with a much needed merchant account.

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HighRiskAccount.com has partnered with a wide network of domestic USA banks, domestic merchant providers, usa credit card processors and overseas offshore processors who specialize in high risk industries such as this.

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