High Risk Credit Card Processing

With an extensive network of domestic USA banks, domestic merchant providers, usa credit card processors and merchant account providers across the globe, We can help you accept credit cards in your high risk industry - even if you've been turned down by others. We specialize in offshore and high risk accounts so fill out the form below to start processing credit cards with a reliable domestic merchant solution or an affordable offshore merchant account.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

We specialize in matching high risk merchants with our extensive network of domestic USA banks, domestic merchant providers, usa credit card processors and offshore merchant account providers. Have you been shutoff, closed, denied, or cancelled by a credit card processor for prohibited products? Do you take credit cards in an industry prone to chargebacks? Do you have higher then normal chargeback ratios by count or by chargeback volume? We can typically find a processor for any legal business and get you up and running in a matter of days.

What would make your business a high risk processor?

  • Your company is industry has a reputational risk like firearms, drug paraphernalia, kratom, cbd, cannabis, credit repair, collection agencies, travel or timeshare businesses, gentleman clubs or for example adult entertainment products.
  • Your company operates in what processors consider a "high-risk" industry.
  • Your company is in the United States and needs a domestic or offshore setup.

A Global Network of Banks and Processors

We've spent months assembling a large global network of domestic USA banks, domestic merchant providers, usa credit card processors and offshore credit card processors eager and willing to handle all your high risk merchant account needs.

Fastest Approvals! Within 24-48 hours in Many Cases

High Risk Account Credit Card Processing offers several types of credit card processing and merchant solutions. Our services help with credit and debit payments and swiped card transactions. We also offer high risk merchant accounts, offshore payment gateways, virtual terminals, e-commerce processing solutions, credit card merchant accounts, and cash advance service programs. We provide free credit card processing machines for retail merchants and and are able to approve applications within 24 hours of request. 98% of all applicants domestic or are approved for a new account. Contact us to get your merchant account approved today! Click Apply Now to Apply Online!

High-risk credit card processing accounts are for businesses that may have high turnover, increased risk of fraud, and/or a high credit rate. It is difficult to find a provider that will accept just a high-risk merchant

The good news is we specialize in high-risk accounts. Our high-risk solutions are simple. All merchants are welcome. We understand the difficulty in starting a business and are here to help your business grow by taking care of all of your payment processing needs. Almost all of our merchant account solutions can be approved fast and up and running within 24-48 hours! You can finally stop searching for a credit card processor to fit your business model. HighRiskAccount Credit Card Processing will setup your business with a merchant account to accept all major credit cards and bank ATM Debit cards, at the lowest possible cost.

High Risk Industries

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