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HighRiskAccount.com was started to help merchants who have been repeatedly turned down by traditional credit card processors.

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Our Mission

With decades of combined experience in the credit card processing industry, HighRiskAccount.com was founded to service the disenfranchised merchants who, due in large part to the current credit market, have found it nearly impossible to accept credit cards.

Merchants in high risk industries, merchants with past mistakes (such as MATCH or TMF listing), or just merchants in perfectly legal, but less savory industries such as adult entertainment, often run into closed doors when seeking a credit card processing merchant account.

Through a myriad of relationships we have developed with payment processors across the globe, combined with our expertise in merchant services, we are able to provide merchants with a suite of customized solutions to meet their business needs, even when other processors turn them down.

Low Risk Merchant Accounts

HighRiskAccount.com has partnered with merchantprocessors.com to provide merchants who don't need a high risk merchant account with guaranteed low rates on credit card processing accounts.