High Risk Merchant Account:
  Direct Marketing & Direct Mail

Direct marketing merchants typically have a hard time finding traditional credit card processing due to some past misdeeds by those in the direct marketing industry.

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Direct Marketing Merchant Account

Direct marketing merchants have been classified as high risk by most domestic processors because of the industry's past tendencies to display fraudulent company information and the tendency to use rather underhanded business practices when dealing with customers.

Direct marketing has taken such a blow that in early 2024, Mastercard even announced a crackdown on non-compliant merchant accounts. As long as you meet the following criteria, we can help you get a direct marketing merchant account:

  • The terms of billing must be clearly disclosed on the website.
  • Verbiage must plainly state the enrollment into the membership without distraction.
  • Any trial period must be a minimum of 10 days.
  • Images of celebrities are prohibited from use without express legal written consent of the entity being published.
  • By law, product claims must be truthful and not misleading. Claims made must substantiated by the formulas used in the product(s) marketed and the clinical research conducted to support it.
  • Merchants must provide customers with multiple outlets for cancellation including phone, email, chat, and mail.

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